Written by Adventure Accents on July 1, 2019.

Our hectic modern lives require us to sit for hours in front of screens as we work, solve our practical day to day issues and build social interactions and networks. Our body is forgotten as our minds take over, and physical space gives way to virtual space. But our minds are in fact dependent on our bodies, just as virtuality exists in a physical dimension full of natural light, breezes and singing birds. Reconnecting with the earth, and giving our bodies what they need, is essential to finding a sustainable balance in the modern day world.

At Explore-Share we believe that outdoor adventures enrich people’s lives and that hiring experienced local guides make these adventures truly unique. Not only do they put our bodies in motion, oxygenate us and put us in touch with sunshine, rain, wind, snow and more, they also help us bring our attention to the present moment and share unforgettable experiences with both loved ones and strangers. Below, we share 5 reasons why outdoor adventures enrich our lives.


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